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moline rooferA professional Moline roofer knows most people think their roofs are safe since no large storms have hit recently. What homeowners should know is that storms that do not produce any rain or hail can still cause damage to your home and that is due to wind. The wind is often the x-factor in this scenario. Let us take a step back and note that any roof with missing or damaged shingles can be considered to have roof damage. If you fall into this category you should call a local roofing contractor ASAP.

According to the (NRCA) wind damage starts from the edge. It is important to know that wind does not move in a uniform pattern. Combine that with the fact the corners and perimeter of your roof are susceptible to high wind pressure and you have a scenario of When your roof gets damaged instead of If it gets damaged.

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In addition to the wind, we must look at what else the wind can bring. Flying debris is also something that can damage your roof. Of course, if an entire tree or a massive branch falls on your roof, it will give you visual damage. However, the small branches can cause damage that is not always seen by the untrained eye. In this scenario, we can look at it from the lens of Hail damage. Hail can puncture the underlayers of your roofing structure often times introducing water. This is when you see watermarks on the ceiling, and walls, dry rot, or even leaks. The interesting thing about these scenarios is that the hail or in this case the small brank only left a small trace behind that may look like dirt or an indentation and it can easily go overlooked.

We know that not everyone is a professional roofer and the last thing you want to think about is your roof, but there are small things you can do to make sure your home is safe; even without hopping on the roof. Take a stroll around your house from time to time. See if you have any missing shingles on or around your home. Look at the edges and see if they look out of place. Last and certainly not least, if there is a storm that passes in your area schedule a roof inspection to make sure it is still functioning properly.

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Being educated about your roof is the best thing you can do. The next thing would be to call your local roofer. Here at A-1 Roofing, we are not your ordinary Moline roofer. We are Owens Corning platinum preferred and GAF Master Elite and Solar Elite Contractors. Basically, it just means we take your projects very seriously and have done all we can to partner with you and bring forth the best product and knowledge for any job big or small. Call (563) 355-1100 to schedule a free roofing estimate for your home today!

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