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Install Asphalt Shingles To Protect Your Home

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The weather in Iowa has the worst effect on the roof of your home. Year in and year out and day after day, your roof is exposed to wind, hail, snow, rain, and ultraviolet radiation. The roofing system also serves as an insulating barrier for your home, keeping it warm and dry. One of the most popular & common types of roofing in East Moline is asphalt roofing shingles. These products provide the protection your house needs from inclement Iowa weather conditions.

The amount of weather protection that will come when your local roofer installs new asphalt shingle roofing on your home is remarkable when the job is done right. The amount of protection or coverage from the weather is defined by the proper installation of overlapping shingles. Asphalt Shingles come in many different varieties these days but the main two kinds are 3-t strip shingles and architectural or composition shingles

Some of the advantages that asphalt shingle roofing possesses over other types of roofing products are:

  • Although they are cheaper than metal, slate, and tile, they do not sacrifice the level of protection for your home
  • Asphalt shingles last 20-30 years or more depending on weather conditions and proper maintenance
  • Considering that asphalt shingles are widely available and used; repairs can be easily offered by most local East Moline roofing services.
  • Asphalt shingles do not require a lot of maintenance like some types of roofing such as slate and clay tiles

Deciding upon which type of asphalt roofing shingles to choose is usually a matter of your budget and weather conditions. However, even the cheapest GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Shingle offers outstanding protection. As a GAF Master Elite roofer in East Moline, we install all types of residential asphalt roofing products. If you can comprehend the weather conditions that your roof is going to face, it is easy to choose the right kind of roofing materials. Asphalt roofing products are the most economical and are found in four out of five homes in most areas. In closing, a homeowner must verify that the level of protection needed by their home is properly balanced with the cost of the roofing products

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May 10, 2021
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